Galaxy Note 8 is going to be missing a feature we’ve all been waiting for

The long-rumored Galaxy Note 8 may not feature an optical fingerprint reader after all. According to a new report from Korean publication Naver, Samsung has decided against installing a display-integrated biometric sensor on its next flagship smartphone, because the technology isn’t as secure as it hoped it would be.

“We made every effort to install a display-integrated fingerprint sensor on Galaxy Note 8, but we decided not to install it on this strategic phone due to various technical limitations such as security,” said an official on behalf of the company, later adding that it will continue to develop the scanner.

Apple’s believed to have found a way to perfect the technology

Those who’ve been following TechnoBuffalo closely for the past few months may recall that Samsung reportedly poured a lot of money into developing an in-screen fingerprint reader for the Galaxy S8, but was unable to achieve favorable results in time for mass production.

Apple, on the other hand, is believed to have found a way to perfect the technology and should debut it on board the upcoming iPhone 8, which, like the Galaxy Note 8, is expected to pack a sizeable edge-to-edge display, a dual-camera setup, and powerful internals. Nothing’s confirmed, though.