7 Ways To Manage Stress Creatively

Stress is a huge problem for us all. Here’s what I’ve learned and apply to manage stress using my creativity.

As a child I enjoyed art, photography, music and writing. High school was the peak of my musical interest, and I put most of my creative energy into playing guitar, and writing songs. Once I graduated from high school, like most people, I felt an immense pressure to choose what I wanted to do for a living. So I enrolled in a journalism program reasonably convenient to commute to from my parent’s home. After taking all these prerequisites, once I finally got into Journalism 1, I realized that writing articles & news in this format was not right for me. My parents are very conservative working class people with the idea that you must work to pay the bills, and it doesn’t matter what kind of work that is. Perhaps it was teenage hormones at play, or just normal growing pains, but I decided to rebel against the idea that I had to get a “job” that I dislike, just to pay the bills. (Funny here I am more than 10 years later in a job which I would think was perfect back then, and I don’t exactly love it…. but I digress.) Fast forward 1 bachelors degree in Film Production later, plus almost 10 years of experience in media production. Here are 7 ways to manage stress using creativity.