Don’t Pack It, Rent It: You Might Want To Have These Items Delivered

Everyone loves having a meal delivered to their hotel room from the onsite restaurant. Room service is a quintessential perk when traveling.This post originally appeared on Map Happy.

But what about those items you’d like to have, but don’t necessarily have the space or the time to pack? We sussed out third-party services that will deliver some surprising items to your accommodation (be it an apartment rental or hotel) to save some space in your luggage.

1, 2, 3, say “Cheese!”
Borrow Lenses, a subdivision of Shutterfly, will rent and ship any number of pieces of camera equipment, saving plenty of space and removing weight from a carry-on bag. Photogs can choose individual pieces, like, a specific lens you might want to try out for that safari you’re finally (finally!) taking, or renters can go the packaged route by dropping one of their “Wildlife” kits into their shipping cart.
Depending on budget and tastes, packages can start as low as $158 for a beginner Sony wildlife kit or for a bump over $1K, renters can opt for the advanced Nikon wildlife kit, which includes camera body, three lenses, a polarizing filter, memory cards and a battery.

Rental periods are generally for a week but it can be customized as needed. Shipping, of course, is extra, but when you’re done, everything can be shipped back in its original packaging. If you’re in the store’s one of six regional U.S. locations, you can also drop off the items off at select brick-and-mortar photo stores.

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