Stephen Colbert Skewers EPA Chief Scott Pruitt’s Climate Change Theory

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt may want to listen to what Stephen Colbert has to say.

On Thursday, Pruitt controversially claimed that carbon dioxide emissions were not principally to blame for global warming ― a theory which goes against the thinking of pretty much all of the scientific community.

So on Friday night’s broadcast of the “Late Show,” Colbert suggested that Pruitt do just one thing — and that was to check his own agency’s website.

Because there, clear to see, it states the exact opposite of what Pruitt believes.

“You really shouldn’t contradict your own website,” said Colbert. “That’s like BuzzFeed saying they don’t believe a quiz can tell you if you’re a Lumière or a Cogsworth.” Colbert then suggested what really could be behind global warming, and it involved Pruitt himself.

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