Airbnb’s New ‘Trips’ Service Helps You

We may never fall for a tourist trap again.

Airbnb is launching a new service called Trips that allows travelers to schedule adventures with local experts instead of bumbling around on their own, CEO Brian Chesky announced on Thursday.

The news got the Internet buzzing, as it could mean BIG things for the way we vacation in the future.

Consider this: Instead of simply hitting up the typical tourist attractions on a trip, travelers can use Airbnb Trips to book real-life experiences with locals who are willing to show them around. Travelers could sign up for a day of surfing with pros in Malibu, hunting for truffles with Tuscan locals or taking lessons from a Japanese samurai master, according to a company press release.

Trips are bookable either as one-off experiences or longer multi-day tours through Airbnb’s updated app. Half of the Trips are priced at $200 or less, according to Airbnb.

Five surfers walk along beach with surf boards.

It’s perfect for those sick and tired of relying on online reviews or chance encounters with friendly locals in order to experience a town’s true culture. The entire point of Airbnb’s new move, says Chesky, is to keep travelers away from long lines at overrated tourist destinations and give them a chance to feel what it’s really like to live in the places they visit.

“The magic is in the people, it’s all about immersing in local communities,” he said inThursday’s announcement about the product.

The feature is currently live in 12 cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Miami, Paris and Tokyo, with plans to expand to 50 more cities by next year.