The Seizure of Our Dis(content)

What I’ll share from here on out comes from my experience as a mother and a student of life. A person who’s seen, experienced and recognized enough and doesn’t believe any longer in much of what I was taught to believe.

I watched and experienced my son through the years. I watched as the storm clouds of his seizures gathered quickly. I watched how he would go into fear, converse with “them,” seize up and close down. I’d talk with him as he was going through the seizures. I’d ask if he recognized “them,” if he could describe “them” and if he understood what they wanted or why they were “there.” He would say things like, “You know… who they are, why they’re here, you know.”

“I do?” I’d ask, stunned that my son and I would share such an acquaintance as “them.” He’d say, “You know.”

As I marinate in life, I’ve only begun to realize and understand I am not separate from my children. Not because I gave birth to them but because I am not separate from them or anyone or anything else. Parenthood, motherhood, fatherhood, sisterhood, brotherhood, childhood, priesthood are all connected. I laughed one day when I heard one of my kids say, “We are all in the hood.” I realized they are right and that we all have the opportunity of co-creating a global village neighborhood of humanity.