A Photoshopped Picture Of Donald Trump Is Freaking Everyone Out

It appears to just show Trump and Congressional Republicans celebrating in the White House Rose Garden, after the House passed a measure to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act on Thursday:

But on closer inspection, it becomes clear that every man in the background actually has the same face ― of Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.)

BuzzFeed video producer Amanda Holland edited the image and shared it to Twitter on Thursday. It’s now going viral.

“Would you have noticed if I hadn’t said anything?” asked Holland, who captioned the picture with the hashtag #GOPclones.

Judging by other tweeters’ reactions to her post, many failed to spot the photo-editing trickery until it was pointed out to them.

Step Inside The Technicolor World Of The International Church Of Cannabis

At Denver’s newest church, the aim is to have a mind-altering experience.

The International Church of Cannabis opened its doors on Thursday after a number of legal roadblocks and considerable media buzz. Painted with vibrant, rainbow-colored murals by Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel and American artist Kenny Scharf, the church is a vision to behold.

“When one takes the sacrament and meditates on the meaning of the murals, one may have what feels like a transcendental experience,” states the church’s website. “In those moments, one receives the meaning one requires at that time.”

Members of the church are known as Elevationists. Their faith holds that “an individual’s spiritual journey, and search for meaning, is one of self-discovery that can be accelerated and deepened with ritual cannabis use.”

As Elevationist Lee Molloy told The Huffington Post: “When we ritually take cannabis our mind is elevated and we become a better version of self.”

How The Reducetarian Diet Could Help Solve Our Climate Change Problem

There is scientific-backed research that proves the detrimental impact our meat-eating ways have on the environment. In fact, it’s been found that a widespread switch to vegetarianism would cut carbon emissions by nearly two-thirds. It’s why the United Nations has been urging people to eat less meat for roughly 9 years now, but still, here we are. The only problem is, not everyone is ready to give up meat.

For those of you who aren’t ready to take the meat-free plunge, Brian Kateman has a suggestion: become a reducetarian.

Kateman, who has a masters in conservation biology, has made it his goal to encourage others to simply eat fewer animal products, and less of them. That’s why he established the Reducetarian Foundation (RF) and edited the recently published the new book, The Reducetarian Solution. He says that by simply setting actionable goals to reduce our animal product intake we can increase the wellbeing of our animals, improve human health and protect our planet.

Those actionable goals can be as small or as big as what works for you. It can mean joining in on Meatless Monday. It can be trying out Mark Bittman’s Vegan before 6. Or it can simply mean skipping the bacon on your burger. The goal is to “mindfully and gradually reduce [one’s consumption of meat with respect to their own diet,” as the RF outlines on their website.

The problem with the reducetarian diet is the same one that disillusioned voters face on Election Day: what difference is my small action (or vote) going to make? According to RF, a whole lot. Watch their video for more details:

Meek Mill Fires New Shots at Nicki Minaj and Drake With ‘Meekend Music’

Remy Ma, pay attention. It looks like Nicki Minaj is rounding up troops to back her up in this now-infamous hip-hop feud.

Hours after Minaj dropped her diss track “No Frauds” in response to Remy’s diss tracks released in late February, the Black Barbie went on Instagram to show Remy that Lil Wayne and Drake, who are featured in her song, aren’t the only people in her squad.

A video posted to Minaj’s Instagram account Friday shows pop’s elite players Selena Gomez, Jhene Aiko and Tinashe singing along to “No Frauds” in their respective cars.
The video ends with Ariana Grande’s recent Instagram post that promotes Minaj’s other newly released single, “Regret in Your Tears.”

“Didn’t expect this but love u girls so much for reppin,” Minaj wrote in the video’s caption, along with the hashtags #BadBtchsLinkUp and #TheyDontWantNoFrauds, and a crown and knife emoji.

Colossal Ancient Egyptian Statue Unearthed In Cairo Slum

Among his many other noble titles, Pharaoh Ramses II could soon add one more honorific: the ultimate slumdog millionaire.

Archaeologists have discovered a massive statue that likely depicts the ancient Egyptian ruler submerged in the groundwater of a Cairo area slum. The sculpture, believed to be some 3,000 years old, lies in Matariya, near the ruins of the ancient city of Heliopolis.

An Egyptian worker stands next to the head of statue at the site of a new discovery by a team of German-Egyptian archeologists in Cairo’s Mattarya district on March 9, 2017.
Statues of the kings and queens of the nineteenth dynasty (1295 – 1185 BC) were unearthed in the vicinity of the Temple of Ramses II in what was the old Pharonic city. / AFP PHOTO / KHALED DESOUKI (Photo credit should read KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images)

A team of Egyptian and German researchers began excavating the quartzite sculpture, estimated to stand 26 to 30 feet tall, on Thursday.

he discovery caps an archeological study of the area that had begun in 2012, CNN reports. The dig was just wrapping up having found little else of great import.

The statue “was in an area that was almost completely investigated,” Dietrich Raue from the University of Leipzig, one of the partners in the dig, told CNN. “We thought [the pit] would be empty without any features … so that was a great surprise.”

Ramses II, also known as Ramses the Great, ruled from 1279 to 1213 BCE. In that time, he greatly expanded the reach of the Egyptian empire, to as far east as modern-day Syria and as far south as current-day Sudan, according to National Geographic.

Will Smith Fulfills 20-Year Dream Of Bungee Jumping At Victoria Falls

Will Smith lived out a long-held dream of bungee jumping at the Victoria Falls, and filmed his entire epic leap.

Video posted online by TMZ on Friday shows the 48-year-old Hollywood movie star falling from the bridge over the waterfall on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border.

“Whoa,” the “Bad Boys” star shouted as he plummeted toward the Zambezi River below. “This is going to be a really cool shot. This is crazy!”

As he dangled mid-air on the bungee cord for several seconds, Smith revealed how he’d been wanting to bungee at the location for “like 20 years.”

“Oh, that was fantastic,” he added, once he was back on firm ground